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Unformatted text preview: . The quadrature technique need the definition of an approximation of the function f. Monte Carlo technique is easily the most popular tool used in tolerancing problems. Indeed, the appeal of Monte Carlo lies in its applicability under very general settings and the unlimited precision that can be achieved. In particular, Monte Carlo can be used in all situations in which the above 262 J. Bruyere et al. three techniques can be used and can yield more precise estimates [Skowronski et al.,1997]. 3.2. Monte Carlo Simulation In the case of the statistical tolerance analysis of gears, the function f is not available in analytic form, the determination of the value of Y involve the running simulation. Therefore, we use a Monte Carlo simulation. Monte Carlo simulation proceeds: Pseudo random number generators are used to generate a sample of numbers x1,x2,… xn, belonging to the random variables X1,X2, … Xn, respectively. The value of Y , y1 = f(x1,x2,… xn), corresponding to this sample is computed. This procedure is replic...
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