Kinematic synthesis is an iterative process in which

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Unformatted text preview: and z axes (in plane axes), the total in-plane deviation was found from the following relation, U xs = X 12 + Z12 (5) 4. RESULTS 4.1 Kinematic Error k For the kinematic analysis, the nominal value of θ , U xk and U y are considered to be zero since translational effects are not being considered. The error caused by the rotation of the load gear in the gap between the hub and the gear had a dominant effect on the kinematic error of the tip. Using the values of Rhub=10µm, Vgap=0.3µm and L=11µm, the errors obtained for this particular drill architecture are reported in Table II. Table II Error in the drill tip due to kinematic factors. Parameter Value θ U xk U k y ± 0.86o ± 0.165µm -0.001µm From the results, it can be observed that the error in the tip’s horizontal position (0.165nm) is more significant than the error in the vertical direction (0.001nm). This large horizontal deflection will have a significant impact on the run-out and diameter of the drilled hole. 4.2 Sensitivity Analysis of Forces T ip deflection can be caused by the external forces exerted on the system, and it is i mportant to understand how sensitive the sy stem’s KPCs are...
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