Liu et al 1995 performed a validation of method of

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Unformatted text preview: to the functional requirements. If we consider the side points of the panel, the values of the flush corresponding on these points depends on the actual form of the panel and on the values given to the adjusting devices along Y-axis. The influence of the values of the adjustments on the position of each point of the mesh is known from the resolution. The initial values of the flush are determined considering the actual form of the panel and the values of all the adjustments set to zero. An illustration of this configuration is shown in figure 10. An optimization of the values of the adjustments can be done to obtain the minima values of the flush all around the door. The illustration that corresponds to the result of the simulation is given figure 10. Figure 10: Initial and optimized deviation of the panel from the structure 5 CONCLUSION We have presented our model of simulation, taking into account geometrical variations, deformations and actual geometry variations. Giving results in a symbolic writing allows the study the influence of components’ geometrical variations on functional conditions. This extension of the classical model of 3D link c...
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