Majority of works dealing with components deformation

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Unformatted text preview: in the first space matches a unique component in the second space. Two components match when they consist of equivalent curves in the same cyclic order. Two curves are equivalent when they are generated by the same pair of part features. The matching algorithm is described in our kinematic synthesis paper [Kyung and Sacks, 2003a]. Figure 6 illustrates matching on the nominal (Figure 1) and jammed (Figure 2) Geneva configuration spaces. The match fails because the nominal contact space has two components, whereas the jammed space has one. The structural mismatch is that curves b and c are disjoint in the nominal space, but intersect in the jammed space. The motion variation test compares the nominal and candidate motion paths of the driven parts using kinematic simulation [Sacks and Joskowicz, 1993]. The simulator steps the driving part through its work cycle and propagates the motion through the higher pairs of the system. The driving motion and the step are specified as input. The output is a nominal and a candidate configuration for each driven part at each driver configuration. The motion variation of a candidate configuration is the minimal distance to a nominal configuration. The motion variation...
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