Material aluminum alloy setup 1 locating surface 634

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Unformatted text preview: t are candidate solutions to specific domain challenges. During each generation the structures in the current population are rated for their effectiveness as solutions, and on the basis of these evaluations, a new population of candidate structures is formed using specific ‘genetic operators’ such as reproduction, crossover, and mutation. This search algorithm is good for system with unknown or implicit function, unlimited or very large searching space. Statistic tolerancing, especially the developed Monte Carlo simulation based tolerance stack up analysis does not provide explicit relationship between the stack up results and the input process/locator tolerances. Furthermore, a multi-setup production line is normally consists of dozens even hundreds of processes and each process can be set at one of several tolerance levels. Every combination of those process/locator tolerances is one candidate for tolerance assignment plan. Evidently, the search space increases exponentially with the number of processes...
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