Meanwhile the repeatability of the vertical punch

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Unformatted text preview: nch tip to the die, defined by the X and Y coordinates. Such positioning accuracy is in turn influenced by the positioning accuracy of the ram and that of the punch on the ram. The second factor is the actual springback after releasing of the bending force and relaxation of the part after production. As depicted in Figure 2.a, assuming that (1) the sheet is bent perfectly under three contact point condition with optimal holding time, (2) a complete springback occurs immediately after unloading, (3) the same punch penetration is attained for all points along the ram, the achievable bend angle can be calculated by the following formula: (1) α = αF +αB −ζ Where, α is the actual achievable angle, the two angles α F and α B are formed at the lowest punch penetration point, ζ is the actual springback angle. V is the effective V-die width; ∆X P is the X coordinate of the punch tip in machine coordinate system, be cutting lasering shearing repeatability calibration bending backgauge handling gauging total part quality pr o ng s nd i wp a ep pr tio ra n 344 T. H. M. Nguyen et al. which is actually the positioning error from the correct centr...
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