Monitoring the accuracy of cmms requires the

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Unformatted text preview: rnal of Production Research; 2002; Vol. 40; No. 11; pp. 2425-2459. [Iannuzzi and Sandgren, 1994] Iannuzzi, M.; Sandgren, E.; “Optimal Tolerancing: The Link Between Design and Manufacturing Productivity”; Design Theory and Methodology; ASME DTM ´94, pp. 29-42. [Lee and Woo, 1989] Lee, W-J.; Woo T. C.; “Optimum Selection of Discrete Tolerances”; Journal of Mechanisms, Transmission, and Automation in Design; ASME; June 1989; Vol. 111; pp. 243-251. [Nash and Sofer, 1996] Nash, S. G.; Sofer, A.; “Linear and Nonlinear Programming”; pp. 144-180; McGraw-Hill 1996; ISBN 0-07-114537-0. [Ostwald and Huang, 1977] Ostwald, P. F.; Huang, J.; "A Method for Optimal Tolerance Selection"; Journal of Engineering for Industry; ASME, Vol.99, Aug. 1977, pp. 558-565. [Prabhaharan et. al., 2004] Prabhaharan, G.; Asokan, P.; Ramesh, P.; Rajendran, S.; ”Genetic-Algorithm-Based Optimal Tolerance Allocation Using a Least-Cost Model”; The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing T...
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