Monte carlo simulation proceeds pseudo random number

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Unformatted text preview: f the mechanism. The composition relations define compatibility equations between deviation, gaps, … Statistical Tolerance Analysis of Gears 259 the inequations and equations of contacts between parts surfaces nominally in contact, Interface constraints limit the geometrical behavior of the mechanism and characterize non-interference or association between substitute surfaces, which are nominally in contact [Giordano et al.,1993], [Teissandier et al.,1999], [Dantan et al.,2005]. In the case of gears, the interface constraints are defined by the Tooth Contact determination. 2.3. Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA) The aim of TCA is to obtain the real gear ratio at the mean contact point during the meshing, contact path and orientation and size of contact ellipse [Litvin, 2004]. Only first one is evaluate in this study. If the teeth surfaces and the relative positions are perfect, the instantaneous gear ratio would be constant. Due to misalignment and parts deviations, this instantaneous kinematic relationship is changing. The relative variations of real gear ratio are minor but accelerations induced are not negligible. Indeed, jump of angul...
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