Moreover we consider that all geometrical pairs are

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Unformatted text preview: interval. The Geneva example demonstrates that contact zones can be overly conservative. The lower and upper channel boundaries overlap slightly in the contact zone of the synthesized tolerances (Figure 8b), but there is no parameter vector that realizes both boundary variations. The second example is a camera shutter mechanism comprised of a driver, a shutter, and a shutter lock (Figure 9a). The user advances the film (not shown), which engages the driver film wheel and rotates the driver counterclockwise. The shutter tip follows the driver cam profile, which rotates the shutter clockwise, which extracts the shutter pin from the shutter lock slot (b). When the pin leaves the slot, a torsional spring rotates the shutter lock clockwise until its tip engages the driver slotted wheel (c). The mechanism is parametrized by 22 parameters with tolerances of ±0.09mm. In the first synthesis iteration, candidate selection generates 1673 parameter vectors. All the vectors pass the failure mode test, but 40 fail the motion test with a threshold of 0.1 radians. The problem is that the shutter doe...
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