Nominal parameter values are changed when possible

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Unformatted text preview: tatic analysis. The meshes of the tip, and platform and platform and hub are assembled together with coupled nodes (Figure 4 b). The inner diameter of the hub and gear are fixed in the x, y and z directions as shown in Figure 4 (c). The substrate is not included in the FEM mesh as it is not needed. The reaction load, Rcutting, replaces the effect of the substrate. The material properties of the polysilicon used to manufacture the layers are as follows: Young modulus (E) =161 μN/μm2 and Poison ratio (ν) = 0.22. The boundary conditions (Table I) applied to the structure were obtained from [Tanner et al., 2000] and [O’Neal et al., 2002]. As deformations are assumed to be small, a linear static analysis is performed. 284 A. Bryan et al. Table I Input forces for static analysis. Fcutting 1.0 μN Fr 4 μN Ft 2.5 μN Mz 61 μN- μm The errors in the key characteristics due to load, are determined from the FEM analysis. Since the in-plane deviation of the tip cannot be assumed to be symmetric about the x...
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