Note that both planes pa and pb are round faces of

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Unformatted text preview: mine the sensitivities of the tolerances that influence both the orientation and the sideto-side position of the circular blade. The stackup conditions are developed using the new bi-level mathematical model (Tolerance-Maps) for geometric tolerances that has been under development at Arizona State University. The model is compatible with the ASME Y14.5 standards for geometric tolerances. Each Tolerance-Map1 (T-Map) is a hypothetical Euclidean point-space, the size and shape of which reflect all variational possibilities for a feature. Each is the range of points that result from a one-to-one mapping from all the variational possibilities of that feature. The saw assembly combines several individual features, such as an axis, a round face, and a rectangular face, in the stackup. Therefore, T-Maps for these features are added together to form an accumulation map. The paper includes an abbreviated summary of T-Maps, a description of the saw assembly, the development of the stack up equations, and an allocation scheme for tolerances. Material condition (bonus tolerance) is not considered. The source of this work is [Jian, 2001]. Keywords: toleranc...
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