Our approach uses graphic conventions of uml to

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Unformatted text preview: -24 (ed. F. vanHouten and H. Kals), pp. 177-86. [Giordano, et al., 2001] Giordano, M., Kataya, B., and Samper, S. “Tolerance analysis and synthesis by means of clearance and deviation spaces.” In Geometric Product Specification and Verification, Proc., 7th CIRP Int'l Seminar on CAT, Ecole Norm. Superieure, Cachan, France, April 24-25, (eds. P. Bourdet and L. Mathieu), pp. 345354. [ISO 1101, 1983] "Geometric tolerancing—Tolerancing of form, orientation, location, and run-out—Generalities, definitions, symbols, and indications on drawings"; International Organization for Standardization. [Mujezinović, et al., 2004] Mujezinović, A., Davidson, J.K., and Shah, J. J. “A New Mathematical Model for Geometric Tolerances as Applied to Polygonal Faces”, ASME Trans., J. of Mechanical Design, 126, pp. 504-518. [Pasupathy, et al., 2003] Pasupathy, T.M.K., Morse, E.P., and Wilhelm, R.G. “A Survey of Mathematical Methods for the Construction of Geometric Tolerance Zones”, ASME Transactions, J. of Computing & Information Scie...
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