Paths called datum flow chains are established by the

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Unformatted text preview: fications on allowed variation of the Key Characteristics. Paths called Datum Flow Chains are established by the designer to carry relative position and orientation from part to part in order to establish nominal achievement of each Key Characteristic. Ideally, each Key Characteristic has its own Datum Flow Chain independent of the others, but in practice this goal is often impractical or impossible to attain. The Datum Flow Chain runs from part to part through the joints between them. Parts are joined by one or more assembly features that are modelled as sets of elementary surface contacts. These features instantiate the part-to-part constraint goals established when each Datum Flow Chain was declared. Screw Theory is used to determine the state of constraint inside each feature and between features in order to characterize the state of constraint of the entire assembly. Variation analysis is conducted by assuming that one or more of the surfaces within a feature may move within its toler...
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