Polini u prisco g giorleo dipartimento di ingegneria

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Unformatted text preview: been digitized, the virtual inspection can be performed in the CAD environment on the basis of procedures that are controlled by the designer. Moreover, the virtual inspection completely overcomes the need to arrange a physical inspection set-up and this will dramatically decrease the inspection costs and it will limit the problems related to misunderstandings between designers and quality control operators. However, some aspects related to the proposed methodology need to be deeply investigated. The present limitations for a wider application of the methodology are mainly related to the acquisition phase and the definition of the virtual datum. The acquisition process with optical systems has intrinsic limitations that under certain conditions may prevent the successful application of the methodology. The greatest limitation is the accuracy in the measurement, that is in the range of 0.1 mm. However, while this accuracy can be acceptable for several applications, the errors introduced during the matching, filtering and sampling of the clouds have to be kept under control. This will also include a deeper knowledge and a critical a...
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