Preliminary data models registration the data stored

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Unformatted text preview: 94]. In our approach the feature-based CAD model with tolerances is documentation oriented, since it collects the nominal geometry and the related tolerances. The analysis of data structure allows the identification of the atomic and compound features with tolerances, the resulting sub-model is integrated with relations between features and verification procedures. This information can be used to determine the skin model, as defined in [ISO/TS 17450-1], and to perform the comparison between the real model and the skin model itself. 150 M. Germani and F. Mandorli The other part of the dual model is the virtual representation of the real object, as a set of points cloud data, once it has been digitized. Several technologies allow the acquisition of the 3D object geometry, but the optical systems, especially based on the triangulation principle, have evident advantages in terms of speed and usability. Their adoption for inspection tasks has been widely studied [Li & Gu, 2004], [Son et al, 2002]. The measurement accuracy is not comparable with CMMs but systems are in continual improvement [Prieto et al., 2003]. The connection between CAD models and 3...
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