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Unformatted text preview: he parameters {ϕ,θ,α,γ} is not in his validity domain, a new equations system like (11) (4 scalar equations and 4 unknowns) must be solved. 4. To analyze the instantaneous kinematics error, paths of contact … To solve the non-linear system of equations, Cloutier & Tordion [Cloutier et al., 1967] used a Newtow-Raphson method. It exist new faster method, based on NewtonRaphson method, as Aitken or Steffenson method. But this methods are fastidious to program, they need to compute the Jacobien matrix of rf(1), rf(2), Nf(1) and Nf(2). To avoid this, resolution and analysis are programmed on Matlab®. Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm [Moré, 2005] is employed. Statistical Tolerance Analysis of Gears 261 3. HOW TO ANALYZE GEAR TOLERANCES WITH A SIMULATION TOOL? Tolerance analysis involves evaluating the effect of geometrical variations of individual part (gear) on functional characteristics (kinematic error, …). It can be either worst-case or statistical. In worst-case tolerance analysis (also called deterministic or high-low tolerance analysis), the analysis cons...
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