References yau 1999 yau ht a model based approach to

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Unformatted text preview: is increased. The final density function, when the algorithm is terminated, is represented in figure 6. The final density function shows a characteristic behavior similar to a Gaussian distribution function with a significant maximum value around the mean and is very symmetric. The mean value is also very close to zero, which validates the high accuracy of both the sample planning as well as performed fitting. Figure 5; Changes in density function. Figure 6; Final density function. Figure 7 shows 24 selected samples and the evaluated minimum deviation zone as 0.10778 mm, which is almost 60% larger than what was evaluated before, based on the 16 initial samples. This shows that the points obtained by iterative sampling are more representative of the actual surface. The deviation zone by least square fitting is again overestimated and is equal to 0.01332 mm. Figure 8 shows all of the 154 samples and their corresponding evaluated deviation zone as well as the optimum transformation parameters t*, which are exactl...
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