Representation of the toleranced features and of the

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Unformatted text preview: it can move in translation in all the directions with regard to the datum. It is thus necessary to introduce an attribute indicating if the zone can move or not with regard to the datum: • FreeToTranslate = TRUE or FALSE 4. REPRESENTATION OF THE TOLERANCED FEATURES AND OF THE DATUMS FEATURES ON THE CAD MODEL OF THE PART The semantic representation proposed here requires the three-dimensional construction of the toleranced and datum features on the part. These features can already exist on the CAD model of the part or will have to be added by the designer. For example, a axis hole "will be materialized" by a segment of straight line inside the hole with a starting point at "the entry" of the hole and a final point at the "exit" of the hole. This segment will have to be a "child" of the cylindrical face representing the hole, in the meaning of mother/child relation used in CAD systems. It could be prolonged or axially moved if it is the prolongat...
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