Remark one can note that the functional condition is

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Unformatted text preview: the headlight. This requirement breaks up into a condition of evolutionary flush and a condition of minimum clearance. Four control points (a, b, c 248 J.-P. Petit, S. Samper and I. Perpoli and d) are defined on the studied curve. With each one of these points a tolerance on the clearance and a position tolerance are associated limiting the evolutionary flush. A measurement of flush is done according to the normal on the datum surface: the fender r in our case. One thus defines a normal nx associated with each control point (Figure 3). The clearance is measured perpendicularly to the seam line and following the direction defined on the definition drawing. For each control point defined by his coordinates in r the general frame, one builds a normal j x perpendicular to the seam line and normal to the datum surface. __ O | A-B gap A nx B fender headlight jx Figure 3 ; Specification on assembly. Various values of the tolerances allow to translate the functional requirement studied by four acceptable zones built on control points. These zones are...
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