Summary and concluding remarks 43 tolerance analysis

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Unformatted text preview: e product geometry integers : • the description of the nominal geometry, • the design specifications to express the various functions of the part or between parts, • the manufacturing specifications to express the various manufacturing processes, • the inspection specifications to express the various inspection processes. GeoSpelling seems to be able to support the complete and coherent tolerancing process. 42 L. Mathieu and A. Ballu 3.3. Illustration of GeoSpelling model Let us consider the geometrical tolerance defined in figure 2. Standardized meaning The toleranced feature shall be contained in a cylinder at the maximum material condition. The cylinder axis must be perpendicular to the datum plane A. The datum plane A “shall be arranged in such a way that the maximum distance between it and the simulated datum feature has the least possible value”. This association criterion is not expressed clearly, mathematically. it may have different interpretations. Notations φdb±tb Sa PLa Sb CYb : non ideal surface a : ideal plane a : non ideal surface b : ideal cylinder b Figure2 : Perpendicularity with maximum material requirement GeoSpelling expression...
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