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Unformatted text preview: o on. The lack of benefit is a mathematical fact when we consider a single higher pair with two degrees of freedom: three curves cannot intersect in a two-dimensional manifold, except for rare degenerate cases. Larger compatible sets might reveal failure modes due to combinations of maximal kinematic variation among several higher pairs. Selective generation of these sets is a topic for future research. 3.2. Testing The candidate parameter vectors are tested for failure modes and for excessive motion variation. The vectors that fail either test are passed to the tolerance revision module. Tolerance Synthesis of Higher Kinematic Pairs ω 0.985 ω 0.985 intersection points of b and c 295 d c b a d b c b c a 0.568 −1.02 −0.583 θ 0.568 −1.020 −0.583 θ (a) (b) Figure 6; Mismatch between (a) nominal and (b) jammed Geneva spaces. The failure mode test matches the nominal and candidate contact spaces of the higher pairs. The test succeeds when the two spaces have the same structure: they have the same number of components and each component...
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