Similarly cad current systems do not support this

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Unformatted text preview: a variation analysis (too often called tolerance analysis). Similarly, CAD current systems do not support this distinction or provide adequate tools for addressing each kind of design. Commercial tolerance analysis software also often fails to notify the user if the assembly is over-constrained. Finally, some data models of assembly fail to address this distinction and again fail to provide support for improved design methodologies. The work summarized here is intended to address these issues. Keywords: assembly, constraint, Screw Theory, tolerance, variation, Datum Flow Chain, Key Characteristic References [1] Whitney, D. E., Mechanical Assemblies: Their Design, Manufacture, and Role in Product Development, Oxford University Press, 2004. [2] Mantripragada, R. and Whitney, D. E., “The Datum Flow Chain,” Research in Engineering Design, v 10, 1998, pp 150-165. [3] Whitney, D E, Mantripragada, R., Adams, J. D., and Rhee, S. J., "Designing Assemblies," Research in Engineering Design, (1999) 11:229-253. [4] Whitney, D E and Adams, J D, "Application of Screw Theory to Constraint Analysis of Assemblies Joined by Fe...
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