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Unformatted text preview: relative to the machine-tool (DM). • Link parameters between the surfaces of the part and of the part-holder (LHP) connected by elementary connections. Furthermore, the MMP includes the deviation torsor of each realised surfaces relative to the nominal part obtained by formula (1). 3. POSITIONING RESOLUTION The positioning deviation of the MWP relative to the machine tool is determined by “unification” of the elementary connections treated on a hierarchical basis (primary, secondary…). Every elementary connection (planar, centering, punctual…) links a surface of the workpiece (MWP) and a surface of the part-holder. The contacts between these surfaces are of two types: floating or slipping. The resolution of the problem (“unification” following the rules of assembly) describes the 6 components of position of the workpiece in the assembly space. These components are functions of the parameters of defects of the connected surfaces and the links between these surfaces. … Simulation of the Manufacturing Process Type of connection Plane-Plane Coordinate system Z X O 183 Link torsor Y ⎧lrx kSj ⎪ THkSj,Pi = ⎨lry kSj ⎪ Ulrz kSj ⎩ Ultx kSj ⎫ ⎪ Ulty kSj ⎬ ltz kSj ⎪OkSj ,XkSj ,YkSj ,ZkSj ⎭ X Cylindrical Cylindrical O Z Y ltx kSj ⎫ ⎧lrx kSj ⎪ ⎪ THkSj,Pi = ⎨lty kSj lty kSj ⎬ ⎪ Ulrz kSj Ultz kSj ⎪OkSj ,XkSj ,YkSj ,ZkSj ⎩...
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