Simulation of the manufacturing process type of

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Unformatted text preview: defects and links between surfaces by a small displacement torsor, define 3 types of contact (floating, slipping and fixing) and determine the extreme position in every possible configuration. In this paper a similar method is applied but the use of a constrained optimization algorithm exempts us enumerating whole configurations. Another original aspect is that the textual expression of the Model of Manufactured Part (MMP) contains all the information required for the tolerance analysis. After a reminder of the whole method, the positioning resolution is presented in 3 points: first, the global determination of the positioning deviation torsor, second, the determination of the driving link parameters, third the generic method of resolution of the conditions of contact which allows taking into account a great number of positioning cases (isostatic, hyperstatic, floating...). The set of hierarchically arranged functions and constraints obtained are describing the MMP and can then be used in every cases of tolerances analysis. It is shown that this method can also be applied to the resolution of the problem of assembly between the part t...
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