Soman 1999 shows that the surface variation of

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Unformatted text preview: on point that is measured in the arrow direction. The part variation d is measured and the figure 5b shows the actual part geometry. If a described displacement with a distance d is applied and new part geometry is calculated with FEA, the part would deform as in figure 5c. In this case, the simulated part variation does not correspond to the actual part geometry. This phenomenon can occur when using FEA to produce part variation. d d Figure 6: a) nominal geometry, b) actual part variation, c) simulated part variation Practical Implications in Tolerance Analysis 319 It is therefore important to analyze the inspection data regarding this effect, especially, between contact surfaces since it is via these surfaces the imperfections of one part is transferred to the other. To fully verify variation simulation methods for complex sheet metal assemblies it is probably necessary to involve scanned single parts. 6. CONCLUSIONS In practice, variation simulation of sheet metal assemblies is difficult to conduct due to practical implications. In this paper an automotive application wit...
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