Some of the concerns that immediately arise include

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Unformatted text preview: ulative T-Map is a cylinder with four flattened sides and complex ends and results from the Minkowski sum of (a), (b), and (c). e) The q'-s section of the Minkowski sum (interior solid lines) of (b) and (c), together with the hexagonal Minkowski difference of the functional T-Map, which has the form of (a). The points of contact are labeled A and B. The dimensions a, b and c are represented in equation (1). Table 1. Values of tolerances obtained from eqn (2) when each term is set to 0.0833 mm. tM tf /12 =0.0833mm tG1 tf/(12*0.51) =0.163mm tCs tf /12 =0.0833mm tE2 tf/(12*0.51) =0.163mm tw (= tPa) tf /(12*2) =0.0416mm tecc1 tf/(12*0.51) =0.163mm tE tF t″ Q tf/(12*2.0) =0.041mm tPb (1/12)tf =0.0833mm tf/(12*15.56) tf/(12*4.06) =0.0053mm =0.016mm tecc2 tf/(12*0.51) =0.163mm tK tf/(12*0.51) =0.163mm Tolerance Analysis and Allocation for a Power Saw Assembly 275 The sensitivities on the tolerances in eqn (2) can be balanced by assigning an equal value to each of the 12 terms. Certainly t″Pa, an orientat...
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