Statistic tolerancing especially the developed monte

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Unformatted text preview: es of operations are designed to control the geometry, size, and location of workpiece features. The tolerance assignment is to determine a set of manufacturing tolerances in each operation that can ensure the final product meet the design tolerance requirements. In this paper, the tolerance assignment for production planning with multi-setups is investigated. An optimal tolerance assignment strategy is developed and implemented. The optimization criteria are to minimize the manufacturing cost and cycle time while maintaining product quality. The cost model considers effective factors at machine level, part level, and feature level. Optimization of tolerance assignment plan with genetic algorithm is formulated. The Monte Carlo simulation based tolerance stack up analysis is employed to determine the satisfaction of design tolerance requirements. A case study with real product and process data shows that this approach is reliable and efficient for tolerance assignment. The developed system can be easily integrated into production planning. Keywords: tolerance assignment, genetic algorithm, production planning 1....
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