Structural relation is an association class which

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Unformatted text preview: ctangular vertex represents these geometrical functional requirements. To determine the influences of the parts, the surfaces or the deviations on the considered functional requirement, the graph analysis method was developed by A. BALLU and L. MATHIEU [Ballu et al, 1999]. Indeed, the key deviations (corresponding to the deviations of surfaces on which the functional requirement is dependent) are determined by using graph simplification rules. Designers study the impact of the deviations and the gaps on the considered functional requirement to define the functional cycles (example – Figure 2). All edges participating to the functional cycles have an impact on the realization of the geometrical functional requirement. The determination of the tolerances constitutes the last stage of the method. The tolerances corresponding to a requirement are related to all the key surfaces of the key parts and strictly to them and limit the key deviations and strictly them. To determine the functional tolerances of each part, the follow...
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