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Unformatted text preview: omponent have to be described in the product because these requirements have an influence on the product tolerancing schema. A standard component is a set of components, interfaces and functions. We focus on the function “transmit the rotational movement” and this solution is described in the product model as follows: Figure 6 ; Standard component description When the standard component is integrated in the product model we have to describe the links between the interfaces of the standard component and the other parts of the mechanism (Figure 7). 240 J. Dufaure, D. Teissandier and G. Debarbouille Figure 7 ; Complete integration of the standard components 3.1. Transfer of the mounting condition of a standard component When the structure of the standard component is described in the product model, we have to transfer the links between the interfaces of the transmission, the reducer, the motor and the function on the interfaces of the pulleys 1 and 2. We only describe the assembly between the pulley1 and the exit...
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