The analysis of tolerance thus passes by the

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Unformatted text preview: ther one is attached to each nominal feature. The displacements of the associated feature inside the tolerance zone are supposed small enough. It is then possible to express, at the centre of the general frame O, the positions of the associated frame regarding the nominal frame in the shape of a small displacements torsor [Bourdet et al., 1995]. Six components (3 translations plus 3 rotations) characterize this torsor called deviation torsor [Giordano et al., 1993]. The general form of a deviation torsor is given below: Tx Rx E = Ty Ry Tz Rz O (1) The set of the values of all deviation torsors defines a domain in the 6D configuration space called the deviation domain noted [E] (Cf. Figure 1). __ | Ot General frame A P3 O P2 Tx Rx E = Ty Ry Tz Rz P4 O P1 A Associated surface Geometric specification Tolerance zone Deviation torsor Limit displacements of P1 Limit displacements of P2 Limit displacements of P3 Limit displacements of P4 expressed at point O d 2 ineq. 2 ineq. 6 2 ineq. 8 inequalities in IR : H-representation cdd+ 2 ineq. Devia...
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