The assembly is then released from the fixture and

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Unformatted text preview: io et al, 2001] Camelio J., Hu S.J., Ceglarek D.J., 2001, "Modeling variation propagation of multi station assembly systems with compliant parts", In Proceeding of DETC’01, ASME 2001, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2001 [Hu, 1997] Hu S.J., 1997, "Stream-of-Variation Theory for Automotive Body Assembly", In Annals of the CIRP, Volume 46/1, pp1-6, 1997 [Merkley, 1998] Merkley K.G, "Tolerance analysis of compliant assemblies", Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Brigham Young University., 1998 [Samper and Giordano, 1998] Samper S., Giordano M., "Taking into account elastic displacements in 3D tolerancing. Models and application", Journal of Materials Processing Technology, n° 78 pp 156-162, 1998 [Dahlström and Söderberg, 2001] Dahlström S., Söderberg R, "Towards the method for early evaluations of sheet metal assemblies", In Proceedings of the 7 CIRP Seminar on Computer Aided Tolerancing, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan, April 25-25, 2001, pp. 141-150., 2001 [Sellem et al,...
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