The back gauges are instructed to move first backward

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Unformatted text preview: as the repeatability of the gauging system itself, the gauging method, and the estimation of the gauging edge according to the process plan. Moreover, the material handling method, such as robot or manual assistance, also has an effect. Similarly, in the bending phase, the accuracy of the punch positioning also directly influences the dimensional quality of the resulting part. The main influences to the dimensional accuracy of bent parts are depicted in a fishbone diagram as shown in Figure 1. ce s modelling BA springback Figure 1: Sources of errors in sheet metal bending 2.2. Analytical model In order to thoroughly investigate the magnitude of the impacts these factors have on the dimensional accuracy of bent parts, a foil model as shown in Figure 2 is considered. a- Bend angle. Due to elastic springback, the final bend angle is achieved after retraction of the punch. Therefore, besides the V-width, the actual bend angle resulting from a bending operation depends on two main factors. The first factor is the relative position of the pu...
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