The determination of the positioning deviation of the

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Unformatted text preview: hich allows stacking the defects created at each set-up of the process. This paper presents a generic method to determine the parameters of the MMP, especially those concerning the positioning deviation torsor of the part in the part-holder. This set of hierarchically arranged functions and constraints describing the manufactured part is then used in every case of tolerances analysis Keywords: manufacturing process, simulation, positioning deviation, 1. INTRODUCTION In previous papers [Villeneuve et al., 2001] [Villeneuve et al., 2004] the way to simulate a process in a geometrical defects point of view was already presented. In this method, the defects are divided into two categories, the positioning deviation (variation of the position of the nominal part / machine-tool) on one hand and the manufacturing deviations (variation of the position of surfaces realized in the set-up relative to the machine-tool) on the other hand. The positioning deviation is due to the combination of the deviations of the...
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