The domain of variation of the parameters

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Unformatted text preview: ment”; ISO International Standard [ISO/TR14638, 1995] “Geometrical Product Specification – Masterplan”; ISO International Standard [Srinivasan, 1999] Srinivasan, V.; “A Geometrical Product Specification Language Based on a Classification of Symmetry Groups”; In: Computer-Aided Design, Vol.31, No.11, pp.659-668, 1999 Simulation of the Manufacturing Process in a Tolerancing Point of View: Generic Resolution of the Positioning Problem F. Villeneuve, F. Vignat University of Grenoble, Laboratory 3S, Domaine Universitaire, BP53, 38041, Grenoble cedex 9, France [email protected], [email protected] Abstract: To verify the capacity of a manufacturing process to realize corresponding parts it is necessary to simulate the defects that it generates and to analyze the correspondence of produced parts with the functional tolerances. In a previous paper, a method was proposed to simulate the process and to determine its effect on the manufactured part in term of surfaces deviations. To do this, a model of the part named MMP (Model of the Manufactured Part) is virtually manufactured w...
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