The error analysis performed in this paper is used to

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Unformatted text preview: le to the manufacturer of the power saw, as reflected in variations of target face Pb on the round collar. Since the target face is circular, its functional T-Map will be a double cone that is truncated, thereby allowing for some additional orientation control. It will have the same shape as Fig. 5(a) but have a vertex-to-vertex dimension tf. Following the line of thought in [Mujezinović, et al., 2004], stackup equations can be found by fitting the Minkowski sum of Figs. 5(b) and (c) within a Minkowski difference of the functional T-Map and Fig. 5(a). A cross-section of this fit is shown Fig. 5(e); the dimension e of the figure, along with dimensions a and c are given by a= db 2 tF tE db 1 db h + h + d t"Q + 2 h E Q EF H 1− E 2 d 1 db c = b t "Q + dQ 2 hH 1− E 2 t S ; d e = t" f −t" Pb − b d a t" Pa ; (1) db tF tE t S − + 2 hEF hE The stackup equation can be written as tf = a + tM + tQ + b ( tF / hEF + tE / hE) + tPa + tPb + ( db − da) t″Pa / da; further, the cylinder r...
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