The expression itself is sufficient to give us an

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Unformatted text preview: rement process in the formalism [Chiabert et al., 2001]. Capello and Semeraro address the definition of the relationship among the estimate error of the substitute geometry, the inspection plan and the machining and measuring processes [Capello et al., 2001]. A new method is proposed, called Harmonic Fitting Method, that is valid when the least square method is used as a fitting objective. Those traditional approaches should be integrated with the new concepts under development by the ISO/TC213 Technical Committee [Srinivans et al., 1999]. The Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) standards are evolving towards the innovative concept of symmetry groups for feature classification. It implies a feature classification based on surface invariance with regard to the rigid motions. It is based on the twelve connected Lie subgroups of rigid motion that led to a classification of the symmetry groups of features into seven classes. This paper presents a new approach to the evaluation of revolution surfaces based on surface invariance with regard to the rigid motions. The approach transforms...
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