The failure mode of high quality mechanical systems

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Unformatted text preview: hat without performing sensitivity analysis and critical process identification, the genetic algorithm based approach can generate more cost-saving tolerance assignment plan within comparable computation time. Figure 3 shows the evolution of performance of the best gene in each generation. How to optimize the parameters of genetic algorithm and enhance its performance 48 Cost ($) 46 44 42 0 5 10 Generation 15 20 25 Figure 3; Cost of the best gene improves with increase of generation. 6. SUMMARY Tolerance assignment is an major component of tolerance analysis. It is one of the most important tasks when generating production plan from product design. This paper, both sensitivity analysis approach and genetic algorithm have been investigated to assign process tolerances upon given workpiece design tolerances. IT grade is introduced to conform to industrial standard. A three-level feature-based cost model has been developed to formulate the relationship between manufacturing cost and process tolerances. This study shows both sensitivity and GA approaches a...
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