The final density function when the algorithm is

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Unformatted text preview: alue, ei, is assigned to any of corresponding points, Pi*, on the substitute surface, the new samples will be picked in a neighborhood of points Pi*, that have critical geometric deviation. In a parametric surface, point Pi* is defined by its two associated surface parameters ui* and vi*. By η times random sampling in the searching zone, the zone is shrunk, until the termination criteria are satisfied. The searching zone is the area of the surface with the surface parameters between two concentric circles, centered at (ui*,vi*) with two radiuses of γi and γi -ε; where ε is a constant positive value and γi starts with an initial value bigger or equal to ε. At each new search step, γi is shortened by the ε. In terms of the default values in the implemented algorithm, η is equal to four and ε is estimated based on the radius of the measurement probe tip. The initial value for γi is half of the length of each element in the initial stratified sampling. For any new sample point: 1. If the evaluated deviation for the new sample point belongs...
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