The final shape may have objectionable appearance or

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Unformatted text preview: urfaces and the number of assembly steps increases the computational time significantly. The total time for one iteration in the last simulation was approximately 40 minutes. The use of a linear model would be useful in this case to reduce the computational time. However the linear model must manage contact modeling and weld sequence. [Dahlström and Lindkvist, 2004], presented a contact algorithm that can be used in linear models. The correlation coefficient for the comparison in mean for the last simulation is satisfactory. The inspection points 1 to 5 and 39 and 40 are measured in the x-direction of part 4 (see figure 4). The weak correlation in these points could be caused by some translation in the x-direction that is not captured in the model. The correlation coefficient for the comparison in 6 is not satisfactory. There are several of reasons for this. The number of measured single parts may not be sufficient in order to simulate variance. The inspection data collected for the single parts is measured in an inspection fixture. T...
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