The flat pattern calculated is then cut out from a

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Unformatted text preview: d the corresponding forces (13 elements in general but 7 here). This set of torsors can be shown as a clearance domain or as a force domain. This set of 7 real numbers (three are independent) can then be used in an assembly analysis. Figure 12 Clearance domains of the gear joint In this figure, the clearance domain of the rigid gear can be compared to the maximum flexible one (UR=1). As one can see, the gain in the rotation Rx is bigger than the one associated to Ry. It is the representation of a flexure of the teeth. In order to use those results in a tolerancing analysis, we can use an equivalent clearance domain (proportional transformation of rigid clearance domain) inside of the elastic non convex one or outside depending on the requirement. As we shown in the case of a ball bearing, it is possible to compute a zone (corresponding to a fitted domain) for each value of UR, than we can show on a CAD system, the different values of the clearance zone for a gear joint. Those results are then used in order to make the tolerancing analysis of the assembly, taking into acco...
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