The geometry of actual components does not exactly

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Unformatted text preview: . Continuity implies the existence of a critical parameter value uc,1 where the failure first occurs: the kinematic function is correct on [u0 , uc,1) and is incorrect on (uc,1, u1 ]. In higher dimensions, uc,i is the first failure point on the line segment [u0 , ui ], as shown in Figure 7. The revision algorithm excludes the critical points, rather than the failed candidates, from the tolerance box. The critical point uc,i is found by bisection search. The initial interval is [u0 , ui ]. At each iteration, the midpoint parameter vector is tested for failure using configuration space matching or kinematic simulation based on the failure type. If failure occurs, the upper interval limit is replaced with the midpoint; otherwise, the lower limit is replaced. The iteration ends when the interval width falls below a user specified accuracy (10−5 ). The next task is to compute a minimal update, u′0 = u0 + ∆u, that excludes the critical points from the parameter box. The minimal update for a sing...
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