The goal is to develop a framework within which part

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Unformatted text preview: rner [Sodhi, 1994] later extended this work for 3D parts. Li and Roy [Li, 2001] show how to find the relative position of polyhedral parts 65 J.K. Davidson (ed.), Models for Computer Aided Tolerancing in Design and Manufacturing, 6 5 – 74. © 2007 Springer. 66 Y. Ostrovsky-Berman and L. Joskowicz with mating planes constraints. These methods compute the placement of a single instance of the assembly, and thus cannot be extended to analyze the entire variational class of the assembly. Inui et al. [Inui et al., 1996] propose a method for bounding the volume of the configuration space representing position uncertainties between two parts. However, their method is only applicable for polygonal parts and is computationally prohibitive. Latombe et al. [Cazals, 1997] present a simple tolerancing model in which polygonal parts vary in the distance of their edges from the part origin, but not in their orientation. They show how to compute the relative position between two parts when the variational...
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