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Unformatted text preview: greater security to the resolution of the reverse problem. In fact, over and above 3, the additional ωik variables allow vector variation redundancy to be ensured by introducing free parameters – in principle serving no purpose – but which will help the solver find solutions in specific cases of poor conditioning. In IT, the limited accuracy of floating numbers very often changes the rank of a matrix during a computation, which numerically becomes rank n although it is theoretically rank 3, for example. It then turns out to be numerically advantageous to carry out intermediary computations in an n-dimension, rank n Ω space to avoid breaking the calculation chain. The actual existence of a 3-D space vector with these n dependent but coherent components must then be ascertained. NB. Experiments have broadly confirmed this result in all cases. Moreover, it speeds up convergence of the resolution process. 3.6. Reverse problem resolution strategy By assumption, the terms of Ginit are all known. For a size n G final there are 3n − 3 independent terms to be specified at the most but normally the coherence of these 30 P. Serré A. Rivière and A. Clé , ment specifications...
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