The motion variation test compares the nominal and

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Unformatted text preview: n of the varying contact curves over the parameter ranges defines a band around the nominal contact space, called a contact zone, that bounds the worst-case kinematic variation of the pair. The contact zone is the subset of the configuration space where contacts can occur for some parameter variation. Figure 8a shows the contact zone that our algorithm generates for a 26 parameter model of the Geneva pair shown in Figure 1 with parameter tolerances of ±0.02mm and ±1◦ . The zone is a detail of the portion of the configuration space in the box in Figure 1b. This portion is the interface between a horizontal and a diagonal channel where the driver pin leaves a wheel slot and the locking arcs engage. The two dark gray bands that surround the channel boundary curves are the contact zone. The white region between the bands is the subset of the nominal free space that is free for all parameter variations. The contact zone reveals a possible failure mode. The lower and upper bands overlap near where the horizontal...
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