The original size of the sampled set is about two

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Unformatted text preview: with skin model specifications) and do not provide a direct identification of parameters and MRGEs. The final goal of the proposed approach is the metrological resolution of a complex part. In a previous paper [Costa et al., 2002] the authors demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed approach by analyzing the composed axial part illustrated in Figure 1. Figure 1; Composed axial surface: cone, cylinder, sphere The methodology recognizes the axial symmetry of the object and uses in the opposite direction the method proposed by Prof. A. Clement, searching for the eight binary compositions of elementary surfaces which create an axial surface. In this example, the algorithm recognizes a cylinder and an axial surface as the most likelihood decomposition of the original object. Figure 2 illustrates the cylinder’s parameters and the PDF of the residual axial surface. Figure 2; PDFs from cylindrical surface (left and center) and from residual axial surface (right) Further decompositions could be applie...
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