The points cloud data analysis to perform the

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Unformatted text preview: the points cloud data. The information stored in the FoI model is then used to drive the mapping between the specific GT specifications defined by the designer on the nominal shape and the corresponding zones on the points cloud data. Finally, on the basis of each specific type of GT, the inspection process based on the ISO standard procedures is applied to the virtual model. The proposed procedure can be applied for the inspection of both regular geometric features, such as planes and cylinders as well as for free-form surfaces. At the present stage of our work the methodology has been tested on orientation tolerances using A Reverse Engineering Approach 149 sheet-metal components for automotive applications. The preliminary experiments have been performed using a fringe projection reverse engineering system (Comet VarioZoom by Steinbichler Gmbh) that allows the acquisition of the component shape with the desired resolution. The first prototypal version of computer aided inspection software has been implemented using the development kit environment of a commerci...
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