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Unformatted text preview: . Jian et al. Datum Face M in the arm engages with the frame and limits axial motion in one direction along the hinge. At the left in Fig. 4(c) coaxial hole H1 is for mounting the needle bearing that supports the left end of the spindle, and coaxial hole G1 provides the radial alignment of the gear cover. Hole H1 is positioned relative to datums A, B and C with the tolerance tH1 = 0.3mm; it is kept perpendicular to Datum D1 with the small tolerance t″H1 = 0.05mm. Hole G1 has a size tolerance of 0.026mm, and it is positioned relative to the axis of H1 with the tolerance tG1 = 0.05mm. At the right in Fig. 4(c) the gear cover has three important features: face D2 that engages face D1 on the gear casing on the saw arm, cylinder H2 that maintains radial 2 1 Figure 3. Selected dimensions and tolerances for the arm and (a) Front view of the arm. (b) Partial side view at a larger scale showing details of surface D1 on the arm that will be approximated by a dxxdy rectangular surface). Tolerance Analysis and Allocation for a Power Saw Assembly 271 Stackup frames 1 2 3 4 5 Axis...
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