The proposed method is based on the integration of

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Unformatted text preview: suring machine data and computer simulation"; Precision Eng., 13, pp. 203-207; 1991 [Weckenmann et al, 1995] Weckenmann, A.; Eitzert, H.; Garmer, M.; Webert, H.; "Functionality oriented evaluation and sampling strategy in coordinate metrology"; Precision Engineering, 17, pp. 244-251; 1995 [Elkott et al, 2002] Elkott, D.; ElMaraghy, H.A.; ElMaraghy, W.H.; "Automatic sampling for CMM inspection planning of free-form surfaces"; International Journal of Production Research, vol. 40, no. 11, pp. 2653-2676; 2002 [Edgeworth & Wilhelm, 1999] Edgeworth, R. G.; Wilhelm, G.; "Adaptive sampling for coordinate metrology"; Precision Engineering, 23, pp. 144-154; 1999 [Parzen, 1962] Parzen, E.; "On estimation of a probability density function and mode"; The Annals of Mathematical Statistics, 33, pp 1065-1076; 1962 [Duda & Hart, 1973] Duda, R.O.; Hart, P. E.; "Pattern classification and scene analysis"; John Wiley & Sons Inc.; 1973; ISBN 0-471-22361-1 [Hocken, 1980] Hocke...
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