The reaction to the vertical cutting force rcutting

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Unformatted text preview: orkpiece. T herefore, a detailed study of the geometric error developed in the drill is undertaken. The drill tip’s geometric error is a function of geometric accuracies in the machine architecture, force induced errors and thermally induced errors [Okafor et al., 2000]. This paper presents an analysis of the combined effects of kinematic and static errors of the drill on errors in the hole. Tolerance analysis methods proposed by [Daniel et al., 1986] and [Hu et al., 1997] are adopted in this study. 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE NANODRILL The nanodrill is composed of two existing technologies: (1) A surface micromachined microengine which was developed at Sandia National Laboratories [Tanner et al, 1998] and (2) A standard Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) tip [O’Neal e t al., 2002]. The A FM tip w ill be referred to as “tip” in t he rem ainder of the paper. The entire mechanism is manufactured from layers of polysilicon in a batch process. This manufacturing technique allows for the creation of linkages by the etching...
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