The rst example is the 26 parameter model of the

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Unformatted text preview: st likely to occur and hardest to detect. Figure 4 illustrates the two steps. Part a shows the configuration space of a nominal pair with a free space channel. Part b shows the configuration space for a step 1 parameter set that maximizes the variation of the upper channel boundary; the thin black curve is the new upper boundary and the lower boundary is unchanged. The channel remains open, so the kinematic function is qualitatively correct. Part c shows the configuration space for a step 2 parameter vector that maximizes the variation of both channel boundaries. The boundaries overlap, which indicates incorrect kinematic function. Step 1 Each higher pair is processed separately. The contact space of a pair consists of contact curves that represent contact between feature pairs. Each curve is processed separately. The computation is described in our kinematic tolerance analysis paper [Kyung and Sacks, 2003]. We summarize it here for completeness. A curve has a parametric equation C (p, u) = 0 where p denotes the configuration space coordinates, for example p = (θ, ω ) in the Geneva pair. There is one type of...
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